Immigration / Visas

“At my law firm, you will get the personalized and knowledgeable service that you deserve.  I pride myself on offering experienced, aggressive, innovative and affordable legal representation to my clients.”…Neil C. Kerch

At the Law Office of Neil C. Kerch LLC, I offer knowledgeable legal guidance and aggressive representation on any type of immigration issue. You can contact me now to schedule an initial consultation in Spanish or English.  Attorney Neil C. Kerch helps clients with the following issues:

  • Appeals
  • Citizenship
  • Criminal defense
  • Deportation defense
  • Employment based immigration
  • Family based immigration
  • Green cards
  • Treaty visas (E-1 and E-2)
  • Visas for athletes
  • Visas for professionals
  • Visas for businesses

Avoid mistakes that could cause needless delays or could even disqualify you. Find the efficient, dedicated representation that you need and deserve from an immigration lawyer. I have successfully  helped many clients navigate the complex immigration system—discover how I can help you achieve your goals next!