Civil Traffic Infraction


A civil traffic violation, often called a moving violation or non-moving violation, occurs when a person fails to obey traffic laws while operating a motor vehicle.  Some common civil traffic violations include Speeding, Running Red Light, Disobeying a Traffic Control Device, Failure to Use Due Care, and Failure to Maintain a Single Lane.

A civil traffic violation does not result in probation or jail; however, there are consequences.  Points against your Florida driver’s license will most likely cause your insurance rates to increase.  Additionally, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles can use points against you for a potential suspension of your driver’s license.  Attending traffic school may not be your best alternative to handling your traffic ticket.  Traffic school takes up your valuable time and you will be forced to “use up” one of your lifetime elections. You may have a much better alternative.

If you hire the Law Office of Neil C. Kerch LLC I will plead you NOT GUILTY, go to court for you and attempt to get your traffic ticket dismissed, the points eliminated, your fine reduced and eliminate the need for you to attend traffic school.