Flexible Payment Plans

Criminal and DUI Defense

My flexible payment plans divide up the attorney’s fees  based on the different stages of the case.  In the early stages of a case, I charge an initial retainer to begin working on the case.  This is sort of like a down payment.  If I am able to convince the State Attorney not to proceed, get the case dismissed, get a client into a diversion program or get the case resolved prior to the Discovery process, than no additional retainer is required.

Once I receive the Discovery from the State Attorney, I will require an additional retainer.  The Discovery will inform me of any complex and novel issues and how many potential witnesses are in the case.  With this information, I can gauge how much time will be required to prepare the case for a Motion to Suppress, Motion to Dismiss, Trial or Disposition.  If you decide to resolve your case or I am successful at getting the case dismissed during the Discovery process and prior to trial, no additional trial fee is due.  That way you are not overpaying for services that our not received.

Should you elect to go to trial, I charge a trial fee.  I promise that the majority of my time leading up to trial will be spent finalizing preparations for trial and during the course of the trial my time will be completely devoted to your case.  This means that I will make all necessary arrangements to be thoroughly prepared and not distracted by any outside interruptions.

The Attorney Fees do not include any costs.  All costs associated with the representation, such as court costs, depositions, witness fees, translation fees, certification fees, postage expenses, copying fees, etc., are the responsibility of the client, and must usually be paid in advance by the client.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding attorney fees for Criminal and DUI defense at the Law Office of Neil C. Kerch LLC, please contact me to set up your free initial case consultation.